Stephen Paprocki

CEO, Texas Black Gold Garlic

Back in 1997, (at only 19 years old) Stephen Paprocki moved to San Antonio, TX after falling in love with the city during a previous vacation. Since that time, Stephen has gained a level of notoriety that so many chefs could only dream of attaining during their career.

Stephen’s culinary career initially started at Omni’s La Mansion del Rio; one of the city’s most prominent hotels located on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. He became Executive Chef at the Fig Tree in 2001 where he earned critical acclaim for his exceptional attention to fine dining classics.

While Chef Stephen was working at Security Service Credit Union, he took the cafeteria to a whole new level. With Stephen at the helm, the cafeteria was the first company to receive the city’s Por Vida Recognition for its emphasis on healthy menu items.

His culinary resume is an impressive one; working at some of the finest restaurants in San Antonio, years as an Omni Task Force Chef, as well as formal training and a degree from Johnson & Wales University.

Stephen Paprocki is on the advisory counsel for Edible SA magazine, a board of director for the Food Policy Counsel and president of the Chef Cooperative.

My Sessions

Hosted at the Local Sprout Food Hub, Mitch Hagney will moderate a discussion about Food Entrepreneurship in San Antonio and various aspects about companies using sustainability as a key pillar in the business. Parking available at: 503 Chestnut St, San Antonio, TX 78202