RNA: Robert Nathan Allen

Founder, Little Herds

Robert Nathan Allen, or RNA as he is often called, was bartending in Austin, Texas when his Mom sent him a video about eating bugs. He took it too seriously and founded Little Herds in 2013 to be an educational resource to the public about the nutritional and environmental benefits of edible insects. He helped start the first farm in the country growing insects for food and turning them into ingredients, in Austin TX, and co-founded the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture, the first trade association for Insects as Food and Feed. He also co-founded Austin-based startup GrubTubs, upcycling Austin’s wasted food nutrients into high quality chicken feed for urban farms using insects. He also consults with companies and organizations interested in the growing entomophagy (bug-eating) movement and is an industry expert for a wide variety of publications and media outlets.


My Sessions

In a moderated discussion hosted at the Local Sprout Food Hub, Mitch Hagney will guide the conversation around the businesses that are created and surrounding what others consider a waste product. Parking available at: 503 Chestnut St, San Antonio, TX 78202