Polly Korbel

Account Executive, CORE Research | Founder, WeT

Polly is a catalyst, community organizer and renaissance woman. With a background in research and consulting, she founded We Eat Together (WeT), a non-profit dedicated to helping communities and businesses develop and execute relevant strategy effectively. In 2017 WeT partnered with Core Research to include consumer and market research.

Polly’s client list ranges from Fortune 500 and top entertainment companies to independent artists, small towns and start-ups. She sits on several boards dedicated to economic development and community empowerment. Earlier this year she helped launch a business and ideas incubator for entrepreneurs and creatives looking to set up shop in small towns.

A major proponent of new technologies and remote work, Polly has lived and worked in 13 countries. She continues to be amazed by the ideas and vision of people across the world.

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Susan Korbel, the Founder of Core Research has seen her share of interesting clients and helped them better understand their audiences and insights from her work. Now that her daughter is taking a larger role in the company, the tough question becomes, “Where do we go from here?,” and, “Who’s going to steer the ship?” […]

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