Peter Mason

Co-Fouder and CEO, Comercor Group LLC

Since a young age Peter has been drawn to the shiny penny, always looking into the future. After working many unfulfilling jobs that had nothing to do with his bachelors degree in Agriculture and Animal Breeding, he was done with it all and in 2004 he founded his first venture based on LED lighting for entreatment and decorative fixtures. After many government and commercial projects,  the business and industry technology evolved and Peter and his wife and partner Claudia re-launched their business as Comercor, a leader in the industrial and commercial LED lighting in México that had done many projects for Walmart, Kimberly Clark, ACE Warehouse and Multiple Mining companies.
After moving back to the US in 2011, he fell in love with his new home, San Antonio. Shortly after that, the vibrant real estate industry caught his interest and quickly became his new passion. Since then, he has been expanding his new ventures into a series of Real Estate investments and projects were he is learning and developing his business and team every year.

My Sessions

Come and talk directly to active real estate investors and industry experts that are playing the game each day. This will be a dynamic talk where Nathan and Peter will host a panel of industry friends and partners so you can get all the angles on this high growth industry and ask questions to the […]