Nathan Roach

Founder, MassVenture

I am passionate about creating new products and technologies in the FinTech sector and other industries where innovation and regulation are balanced interests. I’ve been the creator of a leading Texas equity crowdfunding platform and an advocate for legal reforms to allow investment crowd funding in Texas and at the national level. I’ve spent years providing advice and counsel to entrepreneursĀ  in a full-service law firm representing and connecting innovators, startups, and high-growth companies. As an attorney and technologist, I focus on helping inventors, innovators, and startups avoid trouble, protect their IP, and stay focused on transforming their field or sector.

My Sessions

Come and talk directly to active real estate investors and industry experts that are playing the game each day. This will be a dynamic talk where Nathan and Peter will host a panel of industry friends and partners so you can get all the angles on this high growth industry and ask questions to the […]