Michael McGrath

Director, Southwest Region, IES

Engaging and professional leader with over 30 years of experience in large scale, strategic technology development and implementation working with companies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics leading innovative change initiatives for Government and Business as well as 12 years as an entrepreneur.  I’ve owned several businesses including an LED Lighting Company, an Electrical Contracting company, and been in several other companies as either a partner or investor. With roles  such as Adjunct Professor of Business and Quality Systems Management, as well as a successful Independent Management Consulting business, I’ve helped companies in areas such as mergers & acquisitions, major transformational change efforts at the executive level, developing new programs, significantly improving results and working on breakthrough technologies to bring them to market.  I am currently working on disruptive technologies and models to bring industrial scale renewable projects to market.

My Sessions

At this panel, Mitch Hagney will moderate a discussion about energy and entrepreneurship. Parking available at: 503 Chestnut St, San Antonio, TX 78202