Chef Iverson Brownell, and Michael  J. Wargovich, Ph.D.

Co-Founders, CanSurvive Cuisine

Iverson Brownell is an executive chef and caterer with over 20 years’ experience in food design, creation, wellness education and implementation. Passion for the culinary arts, curiosity and love of adventure have driven him to create the delicious and artistic food for which he is internationally known. Since graduating from Johnson and Wales University College of Culinary Arts in 1996 with a Bachelor’s of Science (BS) degree in culinary arts and food and beverage management, Chef Iverson’s easy-going and engaging personality plus extensive expertise in the culinary world have provided him with many noteworthy and enjoyable opportunities.

His culinary expertise and renown has also landed him appearances on The Discovery Channel, The Food Network, The Travel Channel, and the Today Show, and he has been featured in articles in numerous regional lifestyle magazines. In 2005, he was listed by the Atkins Institute as one of the country’s Top Ten Chefs, and several of his recipes are featured in one of their comprehensive cookbooks.

With quite literally a “world of experience,” Chef Iverson Brownell now is doing what he has wanted to do ever since graduating from Johnson and Wales University: sharing his gift and love for wellness, food and the culinary arts in ways that help and educate others. This has been greatly facilitated by joining with Dr. Wargovich, at the Cancer Treatment and Research Center (CTRC) in San Antonio, Texas. Together, chef and scientist have co-created a program to further broaden awareness about the connections between food and prevention of disease, and the easy and tasty ways this knowledge can be integrated into everyday cooking and eating.

Michael  J. Wargovich,  Ph.D. is a professor in the department of molecular medicine at UT Health San Antonio. He investigates ways to prevent various cancers, focusing on the chemoprevention of cancer. “Chemoprevention” is a discipline of cancer research that is less than 20 years old and embraces the idea that cancer can be prevented or precancers can be inhibited from progressing to cancer by the use of natural compounds or pharmaceuticals. He studies cancer biology using a number of human cancer cell lines and also utilize novel animal models for colon cancer. Natural products can include substances from wine and green tea, fruits and vegetables, compounds in herbs and spices, vitamins and minerals, and dietary supplements. Dr. Wargovich’s lab has an interest in both terrestrial and marine botanicals. Via the pharmaceutical route, drug development has led to the discovery of compounds like tamoxifen for the prevention of breast cancer, aspirin for colon cancer.

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Food & Bioscience: Everyday Spices and Common Pantry Ingredients Could Add Zest to Your Life

Café Martínez 7302 Louis Pasteur Dr #101, San Antonio, TX 78229

Is your diet causing inflammation and other health concerns? Let experts chef Iverson Brownell, B.S . and scientist Michael Wargovich, Ph.D. show you how easy recipes using common spices have proven to reduce inflammation and help you live healthier. Following the demo, Jodie Gray. Ph.D. (candidate) will lead a rapid-fire trivia contest sure to test […]

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