Dirk Elmendorf

Partner, r26D

After helping to start a very small computer consulting company, I stumbled into the idea that would change my life. I co-founded Rackspace Hosting in 1999. “Fanatical Support” has continued to succeed in a market crowded with companies more concerned about technology than the needs of the customers.

At r26D, I spend my time working on SaaS companies and exploring opportunities for innovation. I’m also focused on organizing and energizing San Antonio’s entrepreneur community. I am involved in Trinity University’s entrepreneurship program.

I aspire to brew the perfect Wit, harvest honey from my own bees, and code the perfect system.

My Sessions

Dirk Elmendorf, co-founder of Rackspace started out working from college with his friends to create something that no one at the time could have imagined would have grown to an over 4,000 person company. Join Dirk Elmendorf in a moderated discussion about pursuing an entrepreneurial desire in college and life lessons in seeing something you’ve […]